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Individual Membership
General Qualifications for
Individual Membership

VITA recognizes the value of individuals coming together and forming an organization that supports the
provision of professional service. Interpreters trained in any field can become VITA members.

  • Individuals who are 18 years old and above

  • Has training or experience in interpreting

  • Willing to uphold the interpreting Standards of Practice, Code of Conduct, and Core Professional Values of the organization.

  • Willing to support the mission and vision of the organization.

  • Pay an annual membership fee.

Benefits of Membership
  • Members can vote or be voted upon*

  • Can post biodata using the VITA form in the website**

  • Can access learning opportunities for free or at a reduced fee.

*Except for Student Members, Provisional Members or Associate Members.

**​Except for Student Members.

Corporate Membership
General Qualifications for
Corporate Membership

VITA recognizes the value of language service providers who support the professionalization of
interpreters and set a high standard in the provision of language access services. Organizations that
have legal identity and allowed to conduct business in Virginia can become VITA members. Membership
is by the organization and does not include its employees/contractors.

  • Duly registered business in Virginia

  • The business is primarily focused on providing language access services

  • Willing to support the mission and vision of VITA.

  • Pay an annual membership fee. Membership is valid effective January 1 to December 31 of the calendar year.

  • Each corporate member is entitled to one vote

General Qualification for Institutional Membership

VITA values the support of training centers, colleges, and universities in developing professionals in interpreting and translation through rigid academic coursework. Academic institutions and training centers can become institutional members.  The Board of Directors determines the fitness of the organization to become VITA members. Institutional members cannot vote, cannot occupy a leadership position, or occupy a seat in the VITA Board of Directors. It allows free membership to students enrolled in interpreting and translation courses to become VITA members.

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